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Our Home Base Business Compensation Plan

We have one of the most profitable compensation plan you can wish for in the home base business industry. We don't have those compensation plans with fancy name as : Stairstep/Breakaway plan, Matrix, Force Matrix with spillover, Unilevel, Binary plan and whatever they will come up in the future.
Our plan is quite simple. You only need to climb 3 level to the top of the high achievers and earn thousands a month. How much you can earn with your internet job as an affiliate is totally up to you. The more effort you put into your business, the more you will get out of it. A part-time effort can eventually generate a few hundred dollars each and every month. A more aggressive commitment could gradually grow into substantial ongoing residual income.

The first step is to get Multi Income Qualified (MIQ) where you earn from multiple income streams. If you're not MIQ you only earn seller's commission once. To become MIQ you only need 10 Sales Volume points (SVP). You'll basically have the entire array of SFI marketing tools at your disposal.

The second step is to become a Powerline Team Leader (PTL) where you can earn from up to 8 of the income streams available from our standard compensation plan. Being a PTL is just like having your own sales team. SFI will even give you a share of the bonus pool. The last and final step is to become Group Leader. Keep your sales team growing and you'll advance to Group Leader. Group Leaders can earn from all nine income streams.

How do you make money?
Most of our affiliates simply refer people to their FREE SFI Gateway Web sites that we provide to you when you joined. We take it from there! Some of your Web site visitors will buy SFI products, earning you Seller's Commissions. Others will choose to become affiliates, which can earn you not only Seller's Commissions when they make purchases, but also ongoing, residual income, lucrative Infinity Overrides, and more. We maintain your Web site for you, take the orders, handle all product shipment, and provide customer service, too. Everything is provided at no cost to you.You just have to cash the commission checks!

How do you get people to your Web site? Our affiliates print their SFI Web address on their business cards, stationery, etc. Some stuff fliers in their outgoing mail or post small ads on bulletin boards. Some run ads in newspapers and magazines referring people to their SFI Web site. There are also thousands of places to advertise FREE or very inexpensively on the Internet. In short, there are wide, wide variety of ways to creatively advertise and generate sales.

Get your guaranteed commission check with SFI the moment you join. When you get into our Fast-Track club within the first 10 days as a SFI affiliate. SFI will reward you with four powerful bonuses.
1. A guaranteed commission check the first month
2. A share of the Fast-Track SFI bonus pool will be reserved for you
3. Free silver infinity overrides
4. Exclusive Fast-Track CD-rom containing tons of invaluable tips,ideas and special resources to explode your SFI commission check Valued over $1000. (see our Flash Fast-Track Club presentation at the menu option for more info).


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